Entrance and parking

All groups of physically challenged people have the right to leave their personal vehicles at the territory of the SCEC for free for the whole time of their stay and use specially equipped parking spaces.

  • All groups of visitors, including physically challenged people, without permanent passes can enter the territory in the personal vehicles via the Gatehouse equipped with the automated access control system (hereinafter – ACS) from the side of Teatralnaya Alleya.
  • The visitor gets the one-time entry card at the entrance to the territory of the SCEC via the entrance ACS. Then he or she proceeds to the parking lot with specially organized and designated parking spaces intended for the vehicles of physically challenged people.
  • For the free exit from the territory of the SCEC, the parking administrator cancels the card received at the entrance, which is also used for the free exit from the territory.
  • Visitors can get information on the operation of the automated access control system, parking and movement of vehicles at the territory of the SCEC from the ACS administrator at the parking entrance and exit.

Passage and accommodation of wheelchair users during events

  • The passage of physically challenged people is carried out via the VIP entrance from the side of Teatralnaya Alleya. Specially equipped toilets are located in the lobby of the 4th floor.
  • During the event, wheelchair users together with accompanying persons are accommodated in special places of the first tier. Entrance via the 4th floor.
  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: +7 (495) 122 4222, 9.00–18.00.

If you have any difficulties during the event, please contact our specialist, telephone number +7 916-326-68-65, who will try to promptly settle all issues.
We would like to note that this number is available only on the days of the events, please use the general phone number the rest of the time: +7 (495) 122 4222.

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