Significance of the Project

VTB Arena park is a spectacular example of an innovative approach to arrangement of the metropolis’ living space.

VTB Arena park and its contribution to the development of the “City for life and people”

Key features of the Project’s implementation are paying tribute to its historical and cultural heritage. However, at the same time the Project offers good prospects for implementation of the ideas about the city of the future.

VTB Arena park will become one of the most attractive and picturesque places in the city, a new city landmark for the locals and visitors of any age and social group.

Close cooperation and continuous work of the Project’s team with the Government of Moscow, full mutual understanding can already serve as indicators of high social responsibility and contribution of VTB Arena park project into development of the capital of Russia – the city for life and people!

VTB Arena park project and solution of the city transport problems

Taking into account the traffic situation in the city the Project team pays special attention to the transportation issues.

Supporting the initiatives of the Moscow Government to reduce traffic congestion and load in the city centre and main city hubs and roads, the Project team adjusted key design decisions and decided to eliminate a number of office and retail facilities from the Multi-functional urban district changing their functional use from offices to hotel and residential premises.

The Project provides underground parking for more than 4 200 cars.

The main objective of the transport communication in the project is to solve the problem of congestion in the area turning from Leningradsky avenue to the secondary road close to the Stadium and this issue is being considered by the transportation consultants.

These and other design solutions will lead to reduction of the traffic load of Bashilovka – the 3rd Ring Road and Leningradsky Prospekt.

VTB Arena park project and romanticism of the centre of Moscow

The walkways created by new buildings will form pleasant and comfortable promenade area. This will design original architecture in the centre of Moscow and create comfortable zone for residents and guests.

VTB Arena park is a unique development that is going to become a new prestigious and attractive city center – the heart of the capital where active and dynamic way of modern life is masterfully combined with the atmosphere of tranquility and serenity reigning in the old Moscow park.

Cosy alleys, cafes, restaurants, shops, other service facilities will create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere of the metropolis keeping the traditions of the old Moscow adding a bit modern shade to it at the same time.

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