VTB Arena - Central Stadium Dynamo

The Dynamo Central stadium has always been the country’s sports Mecca from the very first day of its existence.

To restore the grandeur of the Stadium, to revive its former glory, to win back thousands of its devout visitors are the main priorities of the project.

VTB Arena – Dynamo Central Stadium will combine two venues under one roof: the Arena and the Stadium along with the entertainment and leisure complex designed for convivial and gripping pastime before and after the sports events. This venue would become a place where visual appeal is the main criterion of what is going on.

In 2010 VTB Arena park project executives engaged the specialized Manica Arhitecture bureau represented by its founder and renowned architect Mr. David Manica in detailed development of the project concept which is tailored for improving functionality of the building and ensuring its constructability so that ultimately all our efforts resulted in a unique sports and entertainment complex in our country. Among the projects performed by Manica Architecture there are the following riveting facilities such as Lusail World Cup 2022 Stadium (Doha, Qatar), Mercedes-Benz Arena (Shanghai), Beijing Olympic Basketball Arena (Beijing, China) and stirring the imagination the O2 Arena in London.

This is Mr. Manica’s evaluation of his contribution to the project: “VTB Arena park is one of the most fascinating and exciting projects that I have ever had a chance to work on. If you look at the facilities and buildings that have already been constructed throughout the world you will not find any venue absolutely similar to this one. Integrating a large sport stadium and a multi-use arena that look as if they are ‘hung’ above the retail and entertainment center and the preserved historic wall of the stadium, this project is undoubtedly a new reference standard for similar development projects throughout the world. VTB Arena park will be a place for the city residents and visitors to the capital to enjoy throughout the year for many decades”.

The project involves usage of innovative ideas, new technologies and materials. The roof, for instance, will be made of transparent materials application of which has only become possible over the last 2 decades and a huge glass wall with inbuilt LED strips allowing to convert the glass into a gigantic video screen at night will be installed over the South façade facing Leningradsky avenue and Dynamo metro station.

The total capacity of Dynamo Central stadium is 26 319 seats. The Arena has 3 configurations: hockey configuration with 11 488 seats, basketball configuration – 12 770 seats, concert configuration– 14 000 seats and this process takes only a few hours. In terms of technical equipment this venue will be the most cutting-edge concert stage in Moscow. The project team has examined all known technical riders of modern world shows that can hardly be implemented presently at Moscow stadiums, and taking the international experience into account, has formulated respective technical requirements for reconstruction of the historical Dynamo Stadium.

The total area of the entertainment and leisure complex is 30 000 sq.m.

The underground parking for 733 lots is planned to be built in the sports and entertainment complex.

Opening of VTB Arena – Dynamo Central stadium is scheduled for the 22nd of October to coincide with Mr. Lev Yashin’s birthday, the best goalkeeper ever according to FIFA.

This solemn occasion will be marked by the first match hosted at the renovated stadium.

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