Dynamo Sports Park

The Park binds several residential quarters in Dynamo district, spreading from Leningradskiy Prospekt to Dynamo Stadium being reconstructed, to the building of Dynamo Sports Academy being designed and Arena Park urban district being constructed.

Today it became possible to return to this territory the unique function of Dynamo physical culture and sports Park, to make the Park friendly, vivid and safe. Eighty thousand square meters of the green Park will ensure quietness and absolute protection for the residents from noise and vanity, by separating the residential area from the Stadium hosting plenty of events.

The renovated park – one of Dynamo district’s pearls – will become a real Moscow sight. The historical park zone will be preserved and landscaped; there will be paths, cycling and roller tracks, playgrounds, game zones, grounds for sports and many other opportunities for leisure and outdoor activities. Nowadays there are almost no more places in the center of Moscow where people can relax from vanity nearby their homes or offices, spend time outdoors with their friends and family. Here everyone will find their preferred activity: children will have a safe environment for sports and have access to playgrounds, crèche facilities and learning programs; teenagers will gain access to different areas like freestyle and meeting places, where they can play sports, or show their particular qualities; businessmen will be able to leave their offices and continue working outside re-assessing their prospects, while amateurs will be able to train using great facilities, or just enjoy walking in the open air. Elderly people will have access to quiet, traditional park areas, cafes, shops, and a health center. And businesses will want to make use of offices, professional event facilities, and the hotel for business guests, and event-sponsoring opportunities. And, of course, shopping is on hand for all. For business-class clients there are VIP areas in the arena, luxury restaurants, superior hotel and residential options, private clubs, and a wellness center.

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