VTB Arena park is bound to become one of the most attractive and picturesque places in the city, a cultural landmark with wide appeal across all ages and social strata.

The development caters to all tastes. Here, children will have a safe environment for sports and have access to playgrounds and learning programs. Teenagers will have an opportunity to practise extreme sports, hang out together, and have access to a territory for leisure time and show their personal traits.

Here, all conditions for success, comfortable life and rest will be created. Apart from sports venues in the park there will be located a high-end office centre, residential area with business-class apartments, a conference hall, a luxury-class hotel with a health centre, cafes, restaurants, shops and entertainment areas. The historical park area will be preserved and landscaped, provided with paths for walking and cycling, outdoor cafes, places for picnics and rest with your family.

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