For its almost two-hundred-year history Petrovsky Park has seen many events reflecting the history of the country and its capital, but the most remarkable and dazzling events still occurred in the last eighty years.

In 1926 construction of the first large sports venue in Moscow – Dynamo Stadium was initiated on the territory of the park. In 1927 at the governmental and party levels, it was decided to hold a grand sports festival that was called the All-Union Spartakiada Games in commemoration of the decade of the Soviet government and the adoption of the first five-year plan of the national economy development. Construction of the stadium became the issue of national importance, and the construction was speeding up every day. The creation of the architects Alexander Y. Langman and Leonid Z. Cherikover was first opened for sportsmen and fans in 1928.

The Spartakiada summed up the results of sports organizations activities for the first years of their existence, and it became a vivid proof of the rapid growth of sports movement. The Spartakiada program included competitions in 21 kinds of sports, 7 125 sportsmen participated in it, an unprecedented number of participants in the sports history. Participation in the competitions of representatives of the Union republics – Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and others – where even a few years before they did not know much about such sports as basketball, football, volleyball or tennis – was the most remarkable event in the Spartakiada Games.

Initially Dynamo stadium had a horseshoe shape, open to Petrovsky Park and closed towards Leningradsky prospekt, but in 1936 the East Stand enclosing the Stadium was built.

Since then the seating capacity of Dynamo stadium was 54 000 spectators and up to 1956 it was the main arena of the country. But even after the construction of Luzhniki stadium in 1956, Dynamo stadium remains sports “Mecca” of the capital.

Именно здесь начал свою величественную спортивную карьеру один из лучших вратарей мира – Лев Яшин. Десятки тысяч зрителей трепетно наблюдали с трибун стадиона «Динамо» за неприступными футбольными воротами, Владимир Высоцкий пел о великом голкипере «Динамо»:

This is here where one of the best goalkeepers in the world – Lev Yashin started his magnificent sports career. Tens of thousands of spectators anxiously watched for football impregnable gates from the stands of Dynamo Stadium, and Vladimir Vysotsky devoted lines of his songs the great Dynamo goalkeeper.

In 1980 during Moscow Olympic games the stadium hosted matches of football tournament. Five games took place: USSR vs Cuba (8:0), Columbia – Nigeria (1:0), quarter-final USSR – Kuwait (2:1), semi-final Czech republic – Jugoslavia (2:0). The third prize match USSR – Jugoslavia (2:0). Small arena of Dynamo stadium held grass hockey matches as part of Olympic tournament.

Dynamo fans can share plenty of heroic stories that occurred within the historical walls of the stadium. Many of these stories became a legend.

Since 1980s the stadium appeared to be a chief attraction that not only sportsmen and fans but also the cultural community of Moscow craved to visit. Dynamo stadium started to host high-profile performances. It is Dynamo where legendary Deep Purple gave their first concert in Russia on the 23rd of July 1996. On the 17th of September 1996 Dynamo stadium hosted Michael Jackson’s 2ndconcert in Moscow that was a part of the World Tour “HIStory”.

Anyone can note significant changes that our country underwent, our hometown is becoming more breathtaking day by day and there is no doubt that it is the right time for Dynamo stadium renovation!

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