Dynamo Sports Society Museum

On the 7th of September, 1988 the official opening of Dynamo Sports Society Museum was celebrated. With the implementation of VTB Arena Park project there will be turned a new page in the history of the museum, having plenty of unique exhibits and being a leader among Russia’s sports museums.

It all began in 1959 when the Council of Dynamo Veterans “Dynamo” put forward the initiative to create a museum of the outstanding society.

On the 27th of October, 1977 Resolution number 202 of the Presidium of the Dynamo Main Board on creation of the Museum as a center of agitation, propaganda and educational activities in the sphere of physical culture and sports was issued. Especially for this purpose after the Olympics-80 there was chosen a room for storage and receipt of exhibits under the stands of the Stadium. Later, after reconstruction of the inner premises, a two-storied building was given for the museum where until quite recently there was the museum’s exposition.

In 1983 a photo exhibition dedicated to the sixtieth anniversary of the Sports Society was held in the building of the museum. And that was a prototype of the exposition in the future.

On the 7th of September, 1988 there was celebrated the official opening of the museum. The number of employees was 11, now it is 3.

Since 1992 the museum is included into the staff of ZAO Dynamo Football Club.

After the opening was held the work of the employees changed: excursions were arranged, work with orphan children was conducted, lectures were delivered not only in the museum but also in various institutions, expositions were exhibited at various facilities of the Society and were dedicated to anniversaries, momentous events in the history of the Society, City days etc. and there was also a permanent exhibition exposed as a showcase near the Museum.

Museum items were displayed in the exhibition of the 1994 FIFA World Cup in the USA, the Biathlon World Cup together with the Armed Forces Museum, in the All-Russian philatelic exhibition as part of the events dedicated to the Olympics in Atlanta. Over 1994-2001 the employees of the museum was took part in creation of the Encyclopedia of the Society.

In 1996 the Museum won the second prize among Sports museums of Russia in the All-Russian Contest, devoted to the Centenary of Olympic Games.

In 2005 there was held the Exhibition at the International Museum Forum called “The World after the war” in Moscow.

In 2008 the Museum took part in two huge photo exhibitions called “History of Dynamo – country’s history» at the Photo biennale in Zurab Tsereteli’s Art Gallery and in the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

The main visitors of the Museum were children who were members of Young Dynamovets sports section, children from orphan homes, pupils and students, military men of Law and Security Departments of the Russian Federation and sports fans. Veterans, employees of Dynamo organizations, foreigners and Moscovites visited the museum frequently, too.

Among the visitors of the museum there were many famous people: Samaranch H., Havelange J., Blatter J. and others.

In the museum there are about 13 000 exhibits constituting the main fund and about 7000 of the secondary fund.

The exposition is based on the chronological principle:

· The History of creation and establishment of Dynamo Sports Society in the 20-s of the 20th century, its founders, directors, coaches of first different sports groups. Interesting publications about final matches of 1928 Spartakiada Games on just-opened Dynamo Stadium; sport symbols of those times, almost handicraft skates and ski bindings, old posters, etc.

· The 30-s: the materials devoted to sponsoring and assistance of the Sports Society to the factories, largest constructions as well as devoted to propaganda of physical culture and sport. A unique exhibit item is “Ready for Labor and Defense” bonds issued by Dynamo Sports Society members for its tenth anniversary, it is interesting that one could get their prize only after meeting all the norms of the “Ready for Labor and Defense” training program. Materials about first Honored Masters of Sport; about physical training of the staff of the Ministry for Internal Affairs and Federal Security Service bodies, Boarder Troops and other departments.

· Dynamo members during the Second World War – creation and military operations of Special motorized rifle battalion (consisting mainly from professional sportsmen); famous soldiers (Savdunin V. etc.)

· Postwar years: exposition sports – champion cups, medals, gifts, outfit, personal things of famous sportsmen (Olympic medals of Chudina A., a volleyball player; Davydov V., a hockey player; Rudenkov V., a striker; Krutova N., a diver); the football outfit of Blinkov V., in which he played the match FC “Chelsea” vs. FC “Dynamo” in England in 1945, the outfit of hockey players ChernishovA. and Malzev A., skates of figure skater Pahomova L., collection of legendary football player Chislenko I. – the most effective representative of Moscow “Dynamo” in the national team of the USSR).

Separate divisions: “Sport facilities”, “Manufacturing industry”, “Medicine”, “Young Dynamovets”, “Veterans”, “International relations”, etc.

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