Dynamo Sports Society

On April 18, 1923 in Moscow there was established the first proletarian sports society “Dynamo” that gave an opportunity to the military men of Law and Security Departments of the Russian Federation to practise sports.

In 1926 the famous Dynamo logo was developed by A. Borysov, a football player in the first generation of Dynamo team – a white diamond with the letter D in it, that year the flag pattern of Dynamo society and a white-and-blue sports gear with the logo of the Society were approved. Dynamo was developing dynamically, attracted more and more people, and promoted actively a healthy lifestyle, and by 1929 it had branches in two hundred cities across the country.

Revival of the national boxing, establishment and development of shooting sport and sambo were among the priorities of Dynamo Society. Dynamo athletes were the best for years in these kinds of sports, and coaches created a unique method for workouts. Sports medicine appeared for the first time in Dynamo Society and only then in other sports clubs in our country, most of which were established in the Soviet Union in the image and likeness of Dynamo organization.

From the very first years of its existence Dynamo Society has always paid great attention to the physical education of children, teenagers and youngsters. In 1934 Young Dynamovets teams were established. Among the first holders of the membership card and buttons of Young Dynamovets movement there was Pavel Belyaev, Honored Sports Master, ice-skater; Zoya Zarubina, Sports Master, athletics; Victor Bouchin, Sports Master, honoured coach, skiing race and biathlon. Dozens of Honoured Sports Masters, Olympic champions, World champions, champions of Europe and Russia started their sports career in Yang Dynamovets, among them such outstanding sportsmen as Lev Yashin, Mikhail Voronin, Vitaly Davydov, Galina Gorokhova, Alexandra Zabelina, Leonid Bartenev. Yang Dynamovets became alma mater not only for outstanding sportsmen, coaches and leaders of the Society, but also honored academics, people of art, military leaders and representatives of other professions.

In 1937 Dynamo Society was awarded the highest Soviet award – the Order of Lenin
for outstanding achievements in development of sports.

History of Dynamo society is a history of glorious sports victories, impressive fates of sportsmen and coaches.

The very first gold medal for our country was won by Dynamo skater Maria Isakova – the first Soviet athlete, who became absolute three-fold world champion thrice (1948, 1949, 1950.), and later 6-fold absolute champion of the USSR, 23-fold champion of the country on certain tracks, 10-fold world record holder, 22-holder record holder of the USSR.

The name of the Dynamo goalkeeper Lev Yashin has gone down forever in history of Russia and the world football. Olympic Champion of 1956, winner of the European Cup in 1960, the best footballer in Europe in 1963, a multiple champion and winner of the USSR Cup. Throughout his career, Lev Yashin played 812 games, in 207 of them he did not miss a single ball.

Hundreds of Dynamo sportsmen, numerous champions of the country, Europe as well as World and Olympic champions: wrestlers A. Parfenov and A. Karelin; gymnasts M. Voronin and L. Tourischeva; skiers P. Kolchin and V. Vedenin; fencers G. Gorokhova and A. Romankov; skaters L. Pakhomova and A. Gorshkov, football players M. Semichastny, I. Chislenko and V. Tsarev; hockey players V. Davydov, V. Vasiliev and A. Maltsev and many others made an invaluable contribution to the glorious sports victories of Russia.

From the first years of its existence Dynamo Society has become a symbol of youth, strength, beauty and a healthy ardour for sports, the core of which has allowed to keep the Society on a national scale as one team.

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