One of the main values of VTB Arena park project is respect for historical heritage, commitment to experience and values of previous generations. And here the Project has a lot of things to value and to be guided by.

Even in such a huge city like Moscow it is difficult to find a place where the history of architecture, sport and country are so closely intertwined.

When construction of Petrovsky Palace was started here at the end of the 18th century, the neighborhood of the Palace of the royal family became a place where the cottages (dachas) of the Moscow nobility were located. The 19th century presented the Muscovites with the wonderful Petrovsky Park, which in the shade of its ancient trees gives a sense of serenity and harmony.

In the USSR this area acquired a new significance – Dynamo Central Stadium, the largest sports complex at that time was opened here, a part of Petrovsky Park turned into a sports area called Dynamo Sports and Physical Education Park. Traditions that have become time-honored now are followed by a new generation.

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